Candidates for 2nd Vice District Governor

Julian Austin

Julian Austin

Fellow Lions of District A-711 I have been endorsed by my Club, Malvern Onyx and Region 58 to seek the Office of 2nd Vice Governor of our District. I am qualified for this position in many ways, Academically and being a Lion that gets things done in Service. You may recall I contested for this very same office twice, as recently as our last election, 2019. Unfortunately, the decision did not go my way.

I am a strong and dedicated Lion to my club, Zone, Region, District, Multiple and Lions Club International. I have represented our District well over the years.

  • Zone Chair Region 58 2011-2012
  • Region Chair 2013-2014
  • Cabinet member 2011-2019
  • GMTC East 2017-2018
  • GMTC 2018-2019
  • Faculty Development Graduate 2017-2018
  • Gift of Life Be a donor chair 2017-2019

I am a Candidate for 2nd Vice District Governor 2020-2021. I look forward for your support


Lion Julian M Austin
Graduate of Lions University.

Lion Dr. Shafi Bhuiyan MD, MPH, MBA, PhD

Lion Dr. Shafi Bhuiyan MD, MPH, MBA, PhD

It’s a great pleasure that our TGDLC endorsed me (Sept 25, 2019 meeting) to submit my nomination for 2nd Vice District Governor (2020-2021). Furthermore our club also submitted US$ 1,000 cheque to support LCIF for humanitarian assistance. We have 10 new members just joined and working progress another 8 members to join our club. We also working to establish 2 new clubs with 20 members each before Dec 2019. More hands, more services and diversity is our #1 choice to serve. Together we are stronger.

To move forward, I am very excited to work with you to help support and move forward our lions district A711 membership, services through a visionary team leadership. I also appreciate your great cooperation and sincere understanding. Please find our club support flyer (attached) and feel free to share with your lions club members as appropriate. If you have any questions or concern, please contact me at your convenient.

Always moving forward.


Lion Dr. Shafi Bhuiyan MD, MPH, MBA, PhD
RC 7 and Chair Campus Lions Clubs