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CNE Lions Booth Awareness
Volunteers Needed

Lions Booth at the Canadian National Exhibition Enercare Centre

(Formerly Direct Energy Centre) Hall B
September 1 & September 2, 2018

There will be Free CNE Day Passes and limited Parking passes available to volunteers (subject to availability). Please plan to use public transit if possible. Volunteers committing before August 15, 2018 will receive their passes by Canada Post. Passes for later volunteers will be left at the Lions CNE Snack Bar (pick up weekdays only) at Coronation Park located outside the Price's gate at the east end of the CNE Grounds. Passes will only be available for Lions working at the booth.

CNE Booth Volunteer Form

Mobile Phone:


First Shift (required)
Second Shift (optional)

Please call Lion Danny Galicia, CNE Lions Booth Awareness Coordinator, if you have any questions regarding schedules – 416 457-1006

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Judge Brian Stevenson
PO Box 2368, Station M
Calgary, Alberta T2P 2M5 Canada


In Milan, Italy, next July, at our International Convention, Canada will present Dr. Patti Hill as our candidate for Third International Vice-President. There will be at least oneother candidate, so there will be an election.

As you will appreciate, a global election campaign is expensive. We thank everyone who has contributed to date. For those Clubs that have not as yet participated in our fundraising efforts, here is an easy way to do so.

During the months of April/May and October/November of 2018, we invite all Clubs in Canada to have a “Beans & Buns” Dinner for Patti in each of those months. Instead of your Club’s regular meal costs, we ask the Clubs to just charge the costs of the “beans and buns” and donate the difference between those costs and your regular meal costs to Patti’s Campaign.

Example: 25 members @ $3:00 (the costs of the beans and buns) vs. the regular meal costs of $12:50 = a surplus of $9:50 per member -x 25 = $237.50 to be donated to Patti’s Campaign. If the Club does it twice — in May and October, then the total Club donation would be $475.

Please forward donations payable to “Patti Hill Campaign” to Committee Treasurer PCC Lynne Coulter, 11305-103 Street, Grande Prairie, AB T8V 2Y7.

If all our Clubs in Canada participate in that way, we will be able to present Dr. Patti Hill as she should be presented to the delegates in Milan — as a proud Canadian Lion leader, with class and in excellent taste.

Thank you!

signature graphic

Judge Brian Stevenson
Honorary Chair
Committee to Elect Patti Hill

Lions Diabetes Day logo

November 14

Lions Clubs International Centenary Service Challenge

As part of the Centenary Celebrations, LCI are asking Lions to help reach their Centennial Service Challenge goal of serving 100 million people by end of June 2018.

Diabetes Journey Goal – Walk a 100,000 miles to help promote diabetes awareness.

Strides: Lions for Diabetes Awareness event promotes healthy exercise and brings an entire community together in the fight against diabetes. Physical activity and a healthy lifestyle are important for those with diabetes or at risk of diabetes. A 100,000 mile walk for diabetes for our district means 70 miles per member.

This is particularly important not just because of the mileage undertaken, but the fact that Lions are walking i.e. taking exercise for Diabetes they are at the same time reducing their own risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes!

Just look at the frightening statistics as described in the document “Diabetes: Canada at the tipping point”.

Diabetes rates in Canada have almost doubled over the past decade and will continue to rise. Unless action is taken now, one in three people will be living with diabetes or prediabetes by the end of this decade.

Diabetes contributes to 30% of strokes, 40% of heart attacks, 50% of kidney failure requiring dialysis, and 70% of non-traumatic lower limb amputations and is a leading cause of vision loss.(Risk of blindness being 25 times higher than those without diabetes).

Lifestyle change is key in mitigating against the further increase in Type 2 Diabetes.

To get this project off to a flying start, at a recent outing at Diabetes Camp Dorset for Kidney Dialysis Toronto Netralya and Toronto Doctors club members organized a “WALK AND TALK WITH DOC” walk. This turned out to be a great success with Lions living with diabetes sharing their challenges. More importantly they managed to raise more than $4000.00 for the Dialysis camp. Well done to Lion Ashwin and his community partners for their efforts in organizing this event and to each and every Lion who took part in the walk, a fantastic achievement!

I encourage all clubs in our District to walk and talk together, every month or so sharing ideas and planning new ventures. Take a lion, a friend, a neighbour or a co-worker living with diabetes for walk. Just make sure they check their blood sugar before and 30 minutes after walk. You will see their surprise. You might even gain a member or two.

I’d like to encourage every club to try and endeavour to get involved with these challenges. Please encourage your Lions Club Secretary to report service activities through My LCI, the online membership and service activity reporting system.

Diabetes, Exercise and Healthy Lifestyle Program at university Health Centre is taking part in World Diabetes day on November 14 and all participants living with heart disease and or diabetes will be tracking the walking distance to be reported to International Diabetes Federation as the Centre is one of the participants in this Global Walk for Diabetes.

Please keep watching this space for new announcements.

Lion Michael Sarin.M.D,FRCPC
Diabetes Awareness Chair. District A-711

Community and Cultural Activities

Donations are being collected for an Indigenous Community, Mishkeegogamang, in Northern Ontario. The truck will be leaving on September 30, 2017 from the storage at 207 Weston Road, Toronto.

Items Needed:

Thank you very much, Your Donations are very much appreciated

Please contact: Lion Sandy Heeralal-Judhan 647 309 8376

Proposed project for Hearing Conservation


Please help hearing conservation with a small but meaningful project by collecting used hearing aids. Ask your friends and family and local hearing aid providers (like listen up) for used hearing aids.

These hearing aids will be given to the Bob Rumble Homes for the Deaf for furthering on to the Congo. They have a way of shipping them that gets them past people who may confiscate the aids for the black market.

If your club could also give a few dollars towards the cost of batteries, it would help, send any dollar donations to Lion Wayne Hoey, District Treasurer.

We will collect these items until end of May 2018 and with the governor's consent, present them to the Bob Rumble Centre at Convention 2018.

And please don't forget your Helen Keller Awards from the Homes for the Deaf. Surely you have a deserving lion who would appreciate this award.

For more information or drop off points - call or e-mail Sally McMann at 289 679-0240.

Volunteers needed: CNE Lions Booth

Please volunteer to help at the Lions Booth at the 2017 Canadian National Exhibition.

All of our clubs can benefit from new members. The Lions of District A711 have had a booth at CNE for the past years. We see visitors from across GTA. and neighboring cities at this event.

Help us let attendees of this event know what LIONS DO.

Volunteers will be expected to talk with passers-by about our three Lions Projects: Beadonor, Recycle for Sight and The Foundation of Canada Dog Guides Program during this event, in the hope of identifying shared interests. We will also be collecting donations for the Disaster Relief.

Lions Prospect Names will be captured and then they will be recommended to visit clubs closed to their homes or work.

Lion Danny will be sending you your passes and free parking cards two weeks before the opening . This is on first come first served basis.

Your club:
Contact Info:
City / Postal
Preferred shift
Alternate shift
Second shift
Second Alternate

Please register as soon as possible to allow time for your passes to be mailed.

Diabetes Awareness and Action

Lions Support the Fight Against Diabetes

Did you know?

  • Eleven million Canadians live with diabetes or prediabetes-that's one in three of us. And another is diagnosed with diabetes every three minutes.
  • Canada is facing a diabetes epidemic that is taking a monumental toll on our health. It's time to do more-much more.
  • Diabetes contributes to 30 per cent of strokes, 40 per cent of heart attacks, 50 per cent of kidney failure requiring dialysis and 70 per cent of all non-traumatic leg and foot amputations.

You can help make a big difference.


We are planning to organize a support group for people living with Prediabetes/Diabetes in the community we serve.

Club’s Name:

Contact Info:   Club’s e-mail address

Please register using your e-mail: Contact us by August 15, 2017.


For about thirty years, Lions Clubs in the western part of the GTHA have organized the Lions VIP Car Rally. On Sunday, June 4, 2017, we will try an east rally for the first time.

This event is special because the navigators are all visually impaired. Each navigator is given route instructions in a format they can understand. They direct their drivers on a two-hour timed road trip (not a race!).

Lions serve coffee and muffins before the drive, and lunch after. Each participant will receive a commemorative prize.

Proceeds from the event will be directed to the Blind Sailing Association of Canada and the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides. The Blind Sailing Association allows visually impaired sailors to feel the freedom of guiding a boat on the open waters. The Lions Dog Guides train service dogs and match them with humans in need, at no charge to the people.

We need your help. This event cannot succeed without sponsorship support.

Car sponsor: $300
Your logo on a custom sign for a contestant car in the rally
Goods sponsor: $100 or in-kind Food or prize goods
recognized with on-site signage.

In addition, all sponsors will be recognized on the event flyer and online.

To discuss sponsorship opportunities, please contact Lion Paul Maguire at or 416-230-1602.


On Sunday April 2, 2017 the York Lions Club donated $20,000 to the North York Harvest Food Bank during the "Heroes Against Hunger Public Volunteer Sort" at the North York Harvest Warehouse, 116 Industry Street, Toronto, ON Canada M6M 4L8.

It was a full of heroes at North York Harvest Food Bank! Sorting food all day with families, friends, superheroes and local heroes, all in support of theirr work providing food assistance for thousands of people in our community.

“We tend to see fewer donations during the summer, so a successful Spring Food Drive is crucial in meeting the food needs of our community,” says Ryan Noble, Executive Director, North York Harvest Food Bank, “Donations ensure that we are able to provide nutritious food for our neighbours struggling to put enough food on the table.”

In the morning sort session (10am-12pm) local heroes from the York Lions Club, the sponsor of the 2017 Spring Food Drive donated $20,000 to the North York Harvest Food Bank. “With rent, food and utilities costs rising, the average family within our community is feeling pressured between paying the bills or paying for food,” says Mike Stacey, Treasurer, York Lions Club, “We have chosen to give back and serve our community by supporting the work of North York Harvest Food Bank.”

Worldwide Induction Day

Once again, we are conducting this Special Induction Ceremony for all the NEW MEMBERS acquired by your clubs from May, 2016 up to March 17, 2017.

These new members will receive a Special Certificate of Membership aside from the Regular Certificate of Membership they received during their club induction.


  1. Kindly PRINT the names of the new members clearly to avoid mistakes in printing the certificates.
  2. All the new members must be registered and present at the ceremony.
  3. I would appreciate if the names could be sent to me the earliest possible time.

On behalf of the GMT Team, I would like to congratulate all of you for a job well done.

Rolando M. dela Cruz, PDG
District GMT Coordinator

District A711
Environmental Photo Contest logo
2016 - 2017 Winner

Winning photo

We are pleased to announce that Lion Abdullah Gamandie of Toronto Bathurst Lions Club is the winner of our Environmental Photo Contest 2016-2017. The Chairman and the Judges from Toronto Maharlika and Wishing Well Lions Clubs chose his entry (Animal Life) out of four (4) photos received from:

  1. Lion Stan Bryan (Huttonville Lions Club –Animal Life
  2. Lion Richard Bourdeal (Toronto Beaches Lions Club) Plant life.
  3. Lion Alex Castro (Landscape) Toronto Maharlika

Lion Abdullah Gamandie is the President of the Toronto Bathurst Lions Club. His winning photo will advance to the Multiple District “A”.

On behalf of the District Governor Bill Willcocks, we want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in our contest and helped make it a success.

Environmental Photo Contest 2016 - 2017

Dear Fellow Lions and Leos,

All Lions and Leos in the District A711 are invited to submit your entries and be a voice for our environment. This Lions environmental photo contest offers you the chance to promote an understanding of the global environment and social issues in our communities by sharing your findings through photography.

Furthermore, the Lions Environmental Photo Contest provides a way for Lions and Leos to portray through an original photo their pride and commitment to improving, protecting, and preserving the environment. The contest begins at the club level where every Lion and Leo can enter a photograph of his or her immediate surroundings into the club-level Lions Environmental Photo Contest. Winning photographs advance to the district, multiple district and international competitions.

Lions Clubs and Leos Clubs select and submit one winning photo to the district by December 31, 2016.

The Photo Categories are:

  • Animal life
  • Plant life
  • Urban or natural landscape
  • Weather phenomenon
  • Special Theme: Dignity, Harmony, Humanity – Celebrating the peaceful coexistence of species.

Those photographs that advance to the international competition will be displayed at Lions International Convention where registered attendees will vote for their favorite photograph.

The three photos with the most votes will be declared winners. The winners will be displayed on the Environmental Photo Contest Winner's webpage and the photographers will receive an award.

Please review the Photo Contest Rules for additional details.

Kind regards,
Lion Eli Galindo (Toronto Mabuhay Lions Club)
District A711 – Environmental Photo Contest
Chair 2016-2017 (Cell - 416 889-2636)

Club Entry Form

Effective Speaking contest

Our District contest will be held in the spring (date to be finalized), courtesy of York Lions Club at York West Active Learning Centre, 1901 Weston Rd. Toronto. The MD “A” contest is being hosted by District A1 and will be held on May 6, 7, and 8, 2016 at Algonquin College in Ottawa.

This year, we are piloting prospective program changes. We are adding new grades to the competition. If the pilot is successful in increasing participation, we will ask MD “A” council to make the changes permanent.

Please note the new categories below for THIS year’s (2015-2016) competition:

Junior Grades 4, 5, 6 3-5 minute speech
Intermediate Grades 7, 8, 9 5-7 minute speech, plus an impromptu 2-3 minutes
Senior Grades 10, 11, 12 5-7 minute speech, plus an impromptu 2-3 minutes

more information


Forest Hill Lions Club receives certificate of appreciation from 33 Divisions's Community Police Liason Community Bursary Program

Lions Clubs centennial

Our Centennial is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to celebrate the storied history of Lions around the world. But it's also an opportunity to recognize the achievements of Lions and Lions clubs that are working to make sure that our future is even brighter.

The Centennial Celebration Membership Awards give all Lions and Lions clubs an opportunity to earn limited-edition Centennial awards.

Earn Silver, Gold and Diamond Level Centennial Lion Awards
Earn Centennial Membership Awards for new members and new clubs you sponsor between now and June 30, 2018. The longer your new member or club stays active, the more recognition you receive.

Become a Premier or World Class Centennial Lions Club
Don't miss out on becoming a World Class Centennial Club! Clubs need to induct at least three new members by the end of the fiscal year to be on track to earn this distinction.

Visit the Centennial Celebration Membership Awards website for details about the program and recognition you can earn.

August 29 & 30, 2015

Assistance requested in finding Lions Volunteers to staff CNE Membership Drive Booth

The Canadian National Exhibition is just a month away and we have an opportunity to share with visitor what we do again. This is an opportunity for us to share our key projects and to identify prospective Lions.

I would like to ask you to invite the members of your committee, Region and Zone to volunteer to assist us in promoting Lionism at our booth in The Enercare Centre (formerly The Direct Energy Centre) over two days, Saturday August 29 and Sunday August 30, 2015. Our location this year is Hall B of the most visited and largest of the exhibitions building.

I will be sending this message to every club so I ask you to use your influence while interacting in person with your constituency.

We will once again be highlighting three key projects: The Guide Dog Program (Puppies will be with us), The Trillium Gift of Life Beadonor program, and Recycle for Sight (eyeglass recycling). I will send out refreshers on these topics to those of you who volunteer.

All visitors to the booth who indicate interest in learning more or volunteering for Lions activities will be introduced to clubs matching their interests closest their homes.

There will be Free CNE Day Passes available for volunteers and we will have a limited number of parking passes available for volunteers (subject to availability). Please plan to use public transit if at all possible. Volunteers committing before August 17, 2015 will receive their passes by Canada Post. Passes for later volunteers will be left for pickup at the Lions CNE Snack Bar, located this year at Coronation Park (outside of the Prince’s Gate at the eastern end of TheEx (CNE)). Passes will only be available for Lions working at the booth.

There will be no Free Meal vouchers available from the CNE again this year, so pack a lunch/snack or plan to purchase any meals at the Food Building.

You will find the current volunteer schedule at schedule Lions CNE booth 2015.pdf. Times are filled on a first come basis. Please reply to me with your preferences of shifts. I will update this online schedule as I receive requests. If you are unable to access this schedule please send me a request and I will mail you the file. Please include an alternate shift choice if your first becomes full.

Volunteers, please email me your mailing address to allow mailing of passes and a mobile phone number to help with communication in finding the booth and with any critical follow-ups.

Note: The CNE once again requests that each volunteer sign a release waiver while attending at the booth. I have appended the waiver to this email. Please share it with Lions willing to assist at the booth. If they have the means to sign the document electronically or if they can print, sign and return this to me electronically it would be appreciated, otherwise there will be a limited supply of forms to sign on your day of service.

For those who volunteer or simply want access to more information about the three prime topics of focus, please review the attached “Lions Booth at CNE – Information to know.pdf”

We as Lions Clubs are taking advantage of the exhibit booth available to us as a result of our membership in the CNE Association. This membership comes as a result of our long time sponsorship of the Peewee baseball Tournament at the CNE each year since 1957).

Lions booth at CNE information
CNE Waiver form for volunteers

e-mail Lion Jeffrey Friedman PRC with your preferences of shifts & signed waiver (if possible).

June 14, 2015

Clothes For Nepal

My Fellow Lions,
For past several weeks, one of our Lion member has spent untold hours, organizing and coordinating "Clothes For Nepal". I speak of none other than LION SANDY HIRALAL-JUDHAN.

Lion Sandy is not only our Club member, she is the 7-11 Region 7 Chair, who has been instrumental in mobilizing all of us, to collect clothing donations for the Earthquake stricken people of Nepal.

Lion Sandy arranged for NO COST SHIPPING BY FED-EX & D.H.L INTERNATIONAL, arranged Storage Location for bags & bags of collection, Organized Vans & Trucks to pick up mounds of bags and finally organizing the meeting with Nepali Association on June 10th, for a Formal hand-off of these truck full of goods.

BRAVO LION SANDY. On behalf of the entire Toronto Netralya Lions Club membership, I Salute you for your selfless and kind gesture for the stricken population of Nepal.

In Lionism,
Ramesh Shahani
President TNLC

Youth Exchange for Blind Youth

Lions of MDA, our strong partnership with CNIB and Lake Joe now gives us a unique opportunity to invite International Youth with vision loss to experience Canada and the hospitality of the Lions family. Why is this important? Having sent some of our youth to the fully funded programs offered overseas, we believe it is time we provide a similar experience in Ontario. We’re very excited that we can take advantage of our strong partnership with Lake Joe and, as Knights of the Blind, offer this program.

Our pilot program last year saw a young girl from Ireland become the first International client at Lake Joe. She became somewhat of a celebrity ,enriching her life as well as the lives of the Canadian clients attending the camp. We know the program works. We’ve seen it first hand.

The next step is to identify the support of the District towards this program and establish a funded model . We need each clubs donation and we need a passionate Lion in each club to ensure the club gets feedback on the success of the program.

For those clubs who are already involved in Youth Exchange, we believe it is an easy sell as you have seen, first hand, the tremendous payback of involving youth in International Exchange.

For those Districts and clubs who do not have an active Youth Exchange program at this time, here is a perfect opportunity to be involved in a Youth and Vision project.

For those clubs looking for a number, we believe $200 from each club would allow us to fully fund this program. Cost of flights will be borne by the clients themselves.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if MDA could establish this as a Centennial Project and by July 2017 announce an established program that:

  • allows individuals living with sight loss from outside of Canada to experience CNIB Lake Joseph Centre, explore Canadian culture and learn about Lions
  • highlights the successful Lions partnerships with CNIB & Lake Joe
  • allows Lions to once again demonstrate why they are “ Knights of the Blind”

DG Donald Bissonnette

June 1, 2015


It is with pleasure that I report that District A711 Lions Quest has had a successful year having 2 Lions Quest community workshops this spring one in Region 34 hosted by Erin Mills Lions Club and the second in Region 7 hosted by Netralya Lions Club. The workshop we had in Milton hosted by Milton Lions Club in April 2014 led the way for these two and set the stage.

Four years ago the Oakville Lions Club donated $10,000 to District A711 Lions Quest program enabling us to present a $43,000 budget to LCIF and receive a Core 4 Grant of $25,000. Since that time we have had several Lions Quest Teacher training workshops where we have trained over 100 teachers to work with Lions Quest in the class room. We have worked with about 125 Lions and members of some of our communities including Police Dept., Health Dept., and social workers in our community workshops to be aware and knowledgeable about Lions Quest and getting a very positive response both from Lions and the public. We have trained a trainer in our district to lead all these workshops so we don’t have the expense of bringing in a trainer each time we do a workshop. We are trying to organize one more community workshop before the end of June 2015.

Lions Clubs International Foundation are quite impressed and happy with what we have accomplished with these funds and at this time we have used the money from the grant and the budget we presented and would like to apply for another Core 4 Grant.

In order to do this we need to accumulate a fund of $10,000 in our A711 Lions Quest account so we can put together a budget to apply for another grant from Lions Clubs International Foundation. The larger the budget the better chance of being accepted.

If each club in District A711 would donate $200.00 or more to this account we would have sufficient funds to put together another budget of $43,000.00 to carry on the work we have been doing to a higher level in order to better the communities of District A711.

If your club can help it would be much appreciated. Please make checks out to DISTRICT A711 LIONS QUEST and mail to:
PDG Bill Speck
305-20 Speers Road
Oakville, ON L6K 3R5

2015 Lions Journal booster ads challenge

Lion Glen G. Samuel, chair of the A711 Journal Committee has issued a challenge to all clubs to participate in the 2015 Lions Journal booster ads. The ads cost $39.00 until March 10, 2015 after which the price rises to $45.00.

Toronto Cathay Lions donate 3,000 pairs of glasses

Toronto Cathay Lions Club Donates 3,000 pairs of glasses to Kampala, Uganda more....

For more information on how you can help provide eyeglasses to people in need around the world, please see Recycle for Sight

Lions International Contests

The Peace Poster Contest was created in 1988 to give young people the opportunity to creatively express their feelings for world peace and to share their visions with the world. Approximately 350,000 children from 75 countries participate in the contest annually.

Lions clubs around the world are also encouraged to sponsor students in the Lions International Essay Contest. This essay contest was created to offer an opportunity to visually impaired young people to express their feelings of peace. Students who are visually impaired and who are ages 11, 12 or 13 on November 15, are eligible to participate.

essay contest graphic

Lions support Phillipines relief

When Typhoon Haiyan swept through the Phillipines, Lions were quick to react. Within days some $600,000 (US) had been pledged to the effort. The total now stands at more than $2,000,000 (US). District A711 Lions alone have donated more than $15,000 (CDN). The donating clubs include the Burlington Lions, Freelton Lions, Mississauga Central Lions, Georgetown Lions, Toronto Beaches Lions, Toronto Golden Vision Lions, Weston Lions, Toronto Netralya Lions and West Hill - Highland Creek Lions.

2 Can Fly Return to Helsinki for $50 or $2000 Cash Pay Raffle

Buy Now to enjoy a bonus FREE BEER for EACH ticket before the end of December 16th, 2013!

Annual Dues

There are three levels of annual dues that each Lion has to pay once he is officially registered Lion. For the Lions Club International Dues, it is on pro rata basis.

Lions Club International DuesUS $41.00 / $43.00by Sept 1 & Feb 1
Multiple District “A “ Dues$14.50by Oct. 15
2013-2014 District A-711$10.00by Nov.1
Club DuesThe Clubs usually require each member to pay a certain amount to cover these dues and the rest are used for administration purposes.

For additional information, please contact:
416 251-1033

Lions CNE Peewee Baseball report

We had a very successful 16th annual LIONS/CNE Peewee Baseball Tournament this year.

Thanks to the clubs in District A-711 making donations to the tournament of $7,100 and the fact our snack bar at the game brought in $4,900 so we were able to make a donation to the CNE of $12,000.00.

We had a lot of hard working Lions involved in this project, especially my co-chair Yves Dourin, Emily Dourin, Sally McMann, Ann Stevens, Ed Bosker, Stan Bryan, Ray Charbonnaeu, Ed Stoddart and all the Lions and spouses who came down to the snack bar to do a shift or more.

During August, just before we opened there was a plumbing catastrophe and the Lions booth was flooded with sewage. The Health Department had to condemn our booth and contents (2 BBQs, fridge, freezer, etc.) After the bulldozer was done, it looked as if we’d be working out of an open tent. An emergency email went out and our Milton Lions Club voted to let us use their food trailer. Yeah Milton. The booth was great. We were saved. Thank you Milton Lions .

The CNE did reimburse us for the replacement fridge, freezer, two barbeques, microwave oven and other small appliances that were replaced.

Again the CNE were very appreciative of the Lions efforts and they gave us great publicity as we are the main sponsor of the tournament. We had Lions signs up everywhere, and our logo was in the program that was handed out to the over 1.6 million visitors.

The Lions were also the winner this year of the friendly baseball game between the CNE personal and the Lions.

It is not too early to start thinking about the 2014 Lion/CNE Peewee Baseball Tournament.

I would like to ask your club to consider now, to donate money towards this worthwhile endeavour. Also please consider donating your time to work the snack bar. It is really a fun project.

This is a high profile project of which the Lions from District A-711 can be proud of.

Lion Wayne Hoey
Peewee Chair

District A711 Bulletin Contest 2013-2014

  1. Cover Page should include: Name of Club / Zone /Region, District / Bulletin Publishing Date / Name, Address, e-mail, Phone # of Club President, Club Secretary, Club Bulletin Editor
  2. Date, time, location of upcoming meetings and programs
  3. Report on Club activities including actions of Board of Directors
  4. Coming events at your club, Zone, Region, District, and Lions International
  5. Information relative to membership development and retention
  6. Report on previous meetings
  7. Constructive Editorial
  8. Personal news on members (Birthdays, Anniversaries, trips, etc.)
  9. General information concerning District, International, etc.
  10. Club President Message
  11. Effective use of humour
  12. Photos and/or Illustrations

(A) Bulletins will be evaluated on the basis of 6 points each for # 1- 12. The remaining 28 points will be allocated to overall effect.

(B) Deductions may be applied to unsuitable humour, and to plagiarism not credited to the author.

District A711
Wishing Well Lions Club
Mail to: Lion Jean Walcott
20 Nightingale Place,
Toronto, ON M1G 2E8


The Bulletin Contest runs from October 2013 – February 2014

Please note that Bulletins must be submitted in print to be assessed.

Good Luck! Have Fun!

DG Peter Hammond's introduction

I hope you all have had an enjoyable and relaxing summer. My wife Mary and I have had a busy summer which included attending the International Lions Convention in Hamburg, Germany in early July. It was a great, well attended Convention where we enjoyed meeting many fine Lions from around the world. We also heard inspiring speakers including the presentation of our new International President Barry Palmer, who is from Australia.

The President’s theme for this Lions year is “Follow Your Dream” as we serve others as Lions. In other words, he wants us to dream what you as Lions and as Clubs can do to serve others in your community and to help others in need around the world. Turn your dreams into reality by careful planning and taking the action necessary to succeed.


There are a number of key service areas that Lion Clubs International (LCI) would like our Clubs to consider this year. These include engaging our youth, working with and assisting the visually impaired and the blind, feeding the hungry, and improving the environment in our communities. In connection with the last area, the tree planting project started two years ago by PIP Tam is being continued. Also the Reading Action Program started in 2012 will be continued.


President Palmer’s motto for this Lions year is “RESPONSIBILITY, RECOGNITION, AND REACH.” Lions are responsible to do what they can to make their communities better. We should recognize our Lions members who do a good job in the completion of the service tasks or Club duties they are assigned or take on. We also need to reach out to others to extend our Lions service and a great way to do this is to increase the membership of our Clubs.

President Palmer has set an ambitious target for this year of increasing the percentage of women Lions by a huge 5.5% over the current 25% of worldwide Lions membership. This will require all Lions Clubs to make every effort to attract and induct women members this year. If we manage to achieve this particular target in our District, then our District should have no difficulty in meeting my own target as your Governor, namely a net increase in our total District membership of 80 members (plus an additional 24 Charter members by forming a new Club).


The major fundraising project for our District as a whole this year is this SKF project which began last year and will be completed by October 15th. PDG Bill Speck and District Treasurer Wayne Hoey report that over $20K has already been raised and I wish to personally thank all those Clubs who have already donated. I also understand that more has been pledged but we need substantially more in donations if we are to achieve our goal of $75K by the end of September. Please remember that LCI F has agreed to provide a matching grant of $75,000 for this important project but ONLY if we ourselves raise $75,000 by the deadline.


If you wish to volunteer to assist with this great Convention, please submit an application form to the MDA Convention Committee as soon as possible. The form is available for downloading on the MDA website now. Our Lions are required for a wide variety of tasks including greeters, drivers, translators, guides, etc. Let us make this Convention a great success and one we all can be proud of as Canadian Lions.


It is my hope that we shall be able to publish a very informative Newsletter about once a month to the end of my term as Governor. To make it as complete and as newsworthy as possible, please submit to me or our Newsletter editors any interesting Club news that other Lions would want to know about, including your successful projects/events, upcoming fundraisers, and membership successes. Jokes, cartoons and funny stories are also welcome.

My Vice District Governors and I look forward to meeting many of you this year during our visitations and also while attending your events.

Peter Hammond,
Governor A711

District A711 Convention News

Heroes In Service
“I Believe”

I Believe logo
  • Clubs are reminded to get their Registrations in as soon as possible and please secure your room reservations through your club. We need more than 116 room nights booked in order to avoid a penalty.
  • HURRY, HURRY, The Free Room draw takes place March 1st; package will include 2 nights accommodation PLUS 3 meals valued at $350.00.
  • The committee needs your help to find sponsors. For $500.00 the sponsor will receive a full page Ad in the convention program, name on signage at the convention desk, letter advertising their names to members of all 81 clubs around the district.
  • Clubs are reminded to sell their allocation of tickets as fast as possible. Prizes will include: Ipod 2, wide screen TVs, and more.

Float the Boat - Lake Joe

Thank you to everyone who supported our idea Float the Boat - Lake Joe! Unfortunately we did not make the semi-finals in the Aviva competition and thus we are out of the running. Please know that we tried and that there is honor and pride in what we have tried to accomplish. In fact we have achieved a very worthwhile goal! We have raised awareness and spread information about Lake Joe. Again...thank you for your time, energy and support.

Jacqueline Calabrese and Richard Holloway

Change in cost of rooms for the MDA Convention

Please be advised that the Host Committee for the 2012 MDA Convention in Niagara Falls have been successful in renegotiating the room rates for the Convention HQ hotel. They are now $145 for cityview and $195 for fallsview. Governor bookings should go with these new prices.

The host committee confirms that it will refund the difference to anyone who overpays.

David Voisey, Secretary, Multiple District "A"

Changes to LCIF Melvin Jones Fellowships

Friday, November 4, 2011

Below are details regarding the expansion of the MJF program to include donations to five special program areas. Donors will now be able to receive MJF and PMJF credit when directing their support to:

  • Disaster
  • Humanitarian Needs (includes donations to the Measles Initiative)
  • Sight
  • Youth
  • Area of Greatest Need

Restrictions beyond these five special areas will be honored by LCIF, but will not be eligible for MJF or PMJF credit. For example, a donation that is restricted to a specific disaster, such as an earthquake or tornado in a particular region, will not be eligible for credit toward an MJF or PMJF.

The MFJ program was established by LCIF in 1971 to recognize unrestricted donations of US$1,000. Today, more than 75% of the funding received by the foundation annually is given through the MJF program. By expanding the recognition program, LCIF is able to recognize more individuals while continuing to support its many programs. The expanded program will also offer additional benefits, including:

  • Donors will now have the opportunity to direct support to a desired special area
  • LCIF will be able to immediately provide funds for large-scale disaster relief, rather than collecting and distributing funds over a period of weeks or months

Funding directed to “Area of Greatest Need” provides LCIF with the ability to financially support any program within the four general areas. Donors are encouraged to consider this opportunity when making a gift.

For additional information on the change to the MJF recognition program, please visit