District Governor's emblem International President's emblem

Our International President Choi has chosen “We Serve through Diversity” as his personal expression of the 2019-2020 International Presidential theme. What a pleasant coincidence that this theme perfectly describes us in District A711.

District Governor A711 (2019-2020)'s theme is Leadership, Membership & Service. Most Lions will realise that these are actually the focus areas for our Global Action Teams (GAT). The District Governor believes that these three words summarize our key success factors as Lions. We cannot offer service if we do not have members, and membership cannot grow unless we have strong and inspirational leadership.

The 2019-2020 District Governor pin expresses this theme. The pin was purposely made simple, so that we do not lose focus on what is important for our survival and prosperity. The flags of our country and province have were added to emphasize our identity and operational area.

Yours in Lionism,