Governor's Message




District Governor's emblem International President's emblem

As I look forward to 2017-2018 Lions Year I believe we are on the right path regarding our commitment and goals of serving the communities to make a difference in their lives. We have enriched the lives of the people and continue to do so with great strength, energy and compassion. The loyal members of various clubs not only undertake all kinds of community projects with great vigor but also put their heart and soul in them to see the completion.

Over the years, I have met and learnt a lot from all of you. I sincerely admire the diligence you have when it comes to community service. Without a question, you put your best foot forward to get the great results you had hoped for. In my year as Governor, trust me, I am going to pool together all the resources that you have to offer and then work together as a great team to make our District proud of its members. I cannot do this all alone, but together We Can and I am counting on your full support to be inclusive in all our District projects.

Our International President Dr. Naresh Aggarwal’s theme is WE SERVE. The slogan underscores our mission of Humanitarian Service and defines our commitment of service to others and further signifies our connection to each other as Lions, and the Communities we serve.

I know we have several challenges to meet, but by sharing our experiences and best practices we can overcome them. Let us continue to bring in more members and encourage your communities to join us. Invite them to share their participation in your projects, be an example for them so that they can see for themselves the joy and satisfaction that comes by serving those who face some challenges in life. Lions Serve and that is what we are.

Fellow Lions, in my year as your Governor, let us all be a part of that great team which will reach milestones with a united effort. To achieve this, I know you will all offer ample dedication and goodwill. On my part, let me assure you that I am approachable and available to help and support you in your endeavors. Together, we will have a great Year and fully support our motto “We Serve”.